Qualcomm Interview Experience — December 2020- OffCampus- Fresher

Qualcomm — Dream company for many Electronics Students. They were the creators of the famous Snapdragon Processors which powers many Android phones (Most probably you using it). They are the reason why the normal phones changed into ‘smartphone. They put the Genius in 2G,3G,4G and are pioneering the 5G era. They are a fast-paced innovation-oriented technology company and I’m happy to start my career at Qualcomm Hyderabad, India.

Let’s Come to the point. Qualcomm India visit IITs, NITs, and Top Universities on Day 1 Placements. If you are from other colleges the only way is to get a referral and applying on their portal. Make sure you enter more relevant skills in the job profile. Also, the resume must be updated and the job description must be match with you. I used Linkedin and reach many Qualcomm Employee for refferal. You need to convince him/her why you need to join Qualcomm?. Once done I shared my resume and I got a mail that I got reffered.

After applying, I received a Hackerank online test link. The test patterns are different for each person. One may get full of MCQ’s or MCQ’s + Coding or only Coding Questions. Language is your choice. The questions are pretty standard. Knowing Competitive Programming is an added advantage.

Next Rounds is Technical. Due to Covid, Everything is Online. For me 4 rounds on the same day continuously. Each round duration is 1 hour.

Technical 1: Checked my Python Coding Skills. Interviewer asked programs ranges from small to big. Basically, they test Data Structures and how you think and solve the problem in this round.

Tech 2: Test my Concepts in Operating System, Computer Networks, Micro Processor and microcontroller. And some questions in C, data structure, detection of loop in LinkedList similar to that.

Tech 3: Questions related to C, C++, Python. Some Conceptual technical and logical questions. Digital Electronics and about testing, ARM Processor( for my role).

Tech 4: About me and my projects. Area of interest. and some general questions. I shared extra knowledge related to my job description.

That’s all. Interview Ends. Then I received the HR questionnaire and shared it over mail. Finally received a verbal offer from Qualcomm Hyderabad. After a month, I received my offer letter. And I joined Qualcomm.

I did not received this success easily. After attending a lot of interviews, the rejection teaches me what are things not to do in the interview. And also learned to change the interview panel into a normal discussion. I also saw most of the questions are common in interviews. I will share on my next post. Thanks for Reading. Hope this clears all your doubt. Make sure you clearly understand the job description. Prepare Accordingly. This is very very important.

If have any suggestions on this article or any other topics, please let me know in the comment section. It motivates me to write more.

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